8 mois au bout de la Terre.. Camping 5 mois en Australasie

Hello Kuala Lumpur ! We're back !

1st day

With a good fligt but without sleep (for me) we're now back to K.L and we are back in our previous area... Chinatown...  Petaling ans Sultan roads


Puduraya Station reopened some months ago and we'll start from there  to Cameron Highlands,the next stop.


We're going to leave our camping stuff at the Hotel during the time we're touring in the country. That's nice !

Following the flight a little seesight..; A new attraction to understand K L : City Gallery... Quite interesting.. We're able to see part of "Arch" work. It's a firm which makes reproductions of Malaysia's crafts, monuments etc.

Then very close, we're enter in the textile museum...Well done. A lot of explanation about the different traditionnal ways of weaving on a screen and in different windows.

Midday : It's time to have a lunch and a nap !




After we went to Puduraya station, to have some details about the bus to Cameron Highlands.

Then to "Little India"... It's  Deepavali Fest soon, October 26. I was wondering if there is no Hindu Temple in "Little India". So I asked to make sure that I didn't miss a hindou temple last year !! In "little India" there is no Hindou temple, juste a mosque.. The nearest Hindou temple is near Petaling road, Sri Miriamma, on our way back to the hotel because we're playing "truant" !!

May be we're going to the   Tourism office, There are shows some nights, only 5 RM (1,2€)


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Australia !


Australia !!!
We've been now for more than 2 weeks in that country !!
It's really peculiar to be there... It's an old dream which comes true ! I'd like to come here for more than 40 years !! And Here we are !
First stop Melbourne :
Arrival after midnight ! Nice weather to walk with our rucksack (½ h) and find our hostel : « Space Hostel ». Very clean and very quiet (I heard so often that backpackers hostels were noisy that it's good to say !
Next day, we changed and went for 3 days to « Formule I  Hostel »... Interesting place, we could cook (boiling water and micro-wave ).
We went to Victoria market and were astonished like a lot of people ! It's really huge !
The surprise : People are really talkative ! And friendly.
If temperatures were nice, we had a lot of showers ! A good reason to use the « tourist shuttle » and see the different places : Cathedral St Paul, docks, river !
We went walking a lot as well : Docks, Botanical park, return by « The Tan » where we could have met famous sport people practising ! I'd just practised Tai Chi and Denis read !
After 3 days, we had a car to drive along the «Great ocean Road » .. and to camp !!!!
6 days for a tour between Melbourne to Port Fairy, the Grampians and back to Melton (some kms far from Melbourne), the night before flying to Alice Springs. A new experience : sleeping in the car in a camping site ! At 5 o'clock, the tent won't be dry... ! So, we slept in the car, in our sleepingbags after using the cooking facilities and the showers ! Funny !
On the way of our tour, we had the chance to camp in « Bimbi Park » where we saw a lot of koalas.... I should have said : We heard a lot of Koalas !!! I don't know you, but I've never imagined that a koala was a noisy « caracter » !! Just incredible !! Between the angry cat, the old man trying to cough, a noisy door !!! Just above our tents, we had a concert and may be opossums were noisy too !! What a night !!! and we had 3 !
In Port Fairy, the responsable of the camping explained us where to see emeus ! And we saw also kangooroos at the same place !!
I was going to forget .. « The Great Ocean Road » is gorgious !! We had a lot of showers and the « broadcast » was not really the best !!! but it's beautiful and funny ! You're driving and then information is given : « Look out » … You'll find a lot of people you 've just met or the day before !! and so on ! In fact, we met a group travelling in a camping van in Bimbi park, watching the koalas, then in Balarat (Grampians) and in Melton... !
We had a lovely time but wet !! and that was a little annoyance !
To be in Alice Springs was really spacial ! I read so much about it ! A part of the book « The Testament » has Alice Springs and Australia as backstage and I was 17 when I read it !!! Since I wanted to come to Australia !
When I saw a swimming pool, a laundry, a milky bar, I couldn't stop thinking to that book … Like if the great children of the caracters could be alive and « pop » around and be somewhere in these places !!
We find easily a camping site.... We're using « Information Tourist » which is very good and where we met very kind and helpful people, everywhere !
In the camping site, we met a young couple who had some troubles : They had a old van, which let them down only after 2 000 Km and 3 000 $ off their pockets ! In fact, we met 2 couples in the same case !
We went to see Mac Donnel Range (East) before heading south ! To Kings Canyon where we spent a night and hike 4 hours. We'd better walk very early and be back by 11o.clock. People are starting to wake up at 4 o'clock in the campsite !! Without light in the tent, except the little one, we're in bed between 9 and 10 !
We like very much Kings Canyon and were quite happy to drive 300 km more to enjoy these views !
Then we spent 3 days in Ayers Rock Resort.... 15 km far from Uluru and 50 from Olga Mounts. It reminds us of some resorts in Middle East : Quite comfortable and pleasant to be in !
We met quite a lot of lovely people sharing our different experiences and impressions.... Even some food, when leaving. In fact, some of us are flying to Western Australia and we can't bring any vegetables or fruits. Some are driving to Darwin and shall enjoy garlic and cole (On the barbecue) !
Flight to Perth : We stopped in « Kalgoola » an old lady was in bad shape and need to go very quickly to the hospital... The plane stops there instead to fly straight on to Perth !!
In Perth, I hadn't printed the voucher useful for the rented car … We try 5 firms without success, at the arrival !!
Finally we found it at the 6th... at the departures !!
We spent a while reading and writing on internet … It was free !! And we arrived at the camping site at 6.40.... Big 4 « Discovering »...Was closed at 6.00 ….Emergency number was out of order !!! Fortunately we had no heart attack !! We slept in the car and drove to Cervantes the next day.
We had a lovely weather, nice, not to hot and the campingsite is in front of the beach and the Pinacole are very interesting.
We're leaving Monday to Geraldton.

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D -35 ... Soon.. We're leaving for a different world !



Hébergeur d'images


We'll start our travel, from Grenoble


Hébergeur d'images




  Hébergeur d'images...


Hello Kuala Lumpur, and Malaisia    Hébergeur d'images   I hope, I'll like to


Hébergeur d'images in Pulau Perhantien.... Lovely place...



Then  Hébergeur d'images to    Hébergeur d'images



After 3 nights in a Melbourne's hostel, we'll start camping ! ..... Click for the picture in Oman      Hébergeur d'images        






 Hébergeur d'images  andHébergeur  d'images without





Hébergeur d'imagesOups ! sorry !!!


Hébergeur d'images

!!!  But, don't worry,  we'll have also a          Hébergeur d'images        to visit Victoria, Adelaïde,  Murray river, and  Vineyards too !!!!


Again...Hébergeur d'images


to Ayers rock et Uhuru, or Red Center !


but we can't stay for ever.....Hébergeur d'images to Perth,

 3 weeks from Perth to  Exmouth.... I'd love to see

Hébergeur d'images


Back to Perth, we'll see....It'll depend how the winds are blowing !!!


We'll fly from Sydney, January 23.

  Hébergeur d'images... to Hébergeur d'images Christchurch, New Zealand, for 9 weeks.


Then  Hébergeur d'images Hello Asia,  Hébergeur d'images Hébergeur d'imageset Hébergeur d'images    la Chine...! We'll stay 8 months away ! 


Would you like to follow us ? Travel Map


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